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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Boon Songs

Just so I can remember these little tunes Boon invents...

The big blue truck goes DOWWWWN the road, DOWWWWN the road, DOWWWWN the road. The big blue truck goes DOWWWWN the road, All DOWWWWN the road! (Then he changes the color of the truck or the type of vehicle)

I'm so happy happy happy happy to meet Jesus. And God. In Heaven!

There are more, but I can't remember them just now. See? If I don't write them down, I forget! :(

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Journeying to Health

If there is one thing I have learned in the past 3 years, it is don't take your good health for granted. Each of my pregnancies has taken a toll on my body. I have lost teeth, developed hypothyroidism, and SPD being the worst of the issues that has happened.
Our family is now complete with 3 children, and I look forward to the next goal in my life which is regaining my health.

Here's my little list, and I'll be blogging progress in the coming months!

1. After 6 weeks post partum, visit chiropractor and begin getting my pelvic bones back in alignment. I will also begin isometric exercises to regain control of my hips-to keep them from shifting back to where they are now.

2. I need to lose 48 pounds to get back to where I was when I got married! With my first pregnancy I wasn't careful with what I ate and gained 50 pounds. With all my pregnancies so close together I was never able to really lose that. With this pregnancy, I only gained 11 pounds, and mainly that's because I developed gestational diabetes and had to watch my diet so strictly. My beginning goal to lose weight is to eat 3 meals and day and 3 snacks, and to be sure the snacks are high fiber and low in sugar/unhealthy fats. I also have been wearing my belly binder which not only helps return your belly to normal, but helps the abdominal muscles grow back together much faster after a c section. After 6 weeks, when I am cleared for exercise, I want to start walking on the treadmill. Can only attempt this after we see how things go with the SPD.

3. I need to have my teeth checked. I lost a tooth this pregnancy (have lost one or more with each pregnancy), and I notice there are several that are chipping and need to be removed. I want to get my teeth fixed--this may take a long while as we don't currently have dental insurance. We shall see!

4. I can't ignore my spiritual and emotional well-being in this list as those play a huge role in my health. We are currently without a church and we are hoping to begin meeting as a "home church" of sorts in Maryland. I'm looking forward to that so much! I am taking SAM-e to help with the post-partum depression. I have to say, taking 400mg daily during pregnancy and 600mg afterward has really helped. I am having a little bit of the baby blues, but NOTHING like I used to have-even when I was on Zoloft. Here's hoping the SAM-e continues to help-I have no reason to think it won't. I plan to up the dosage to 800mg next week. I also plan to spend as much time as possible outside and with other people and enjoying my children to help keep PPD at bay!

Well, there you have my little list of goals for my health! Here's to the journey!

Boon, Smiley, and Luli

I thought I'd post a quick update on our children--since we have 3 now! :) Just some photos of my cutie pies!

 Boon holding Luli for the first time!

 Smiley and Luli

 Miss Luli meets Smiley Frog

 Little Miss Luli

We had a little Thomas the train conductor party before Luli came. 
The boys wore their hats. Here they are reading a book with Daddy.

Back to Blogging

What a crazy year this has been for us! I'm back to the blog now and plan to post a lot more in the future. :) In January, I had a placental abruption which turned our world on it's head for a while. The baby was fine and my placenta did heal itself. I have been continuing with homeschool 3-4 days a week, and it's paid off in a huge way. I'll be posting about it from time to time! Our 3rd child was born earlier this month and she's precious. We'll be calling her Luli here (not her real name, but cute).

Mainly I'll be posting about getting myself in shape. I have some goals for health, but I'll put that all up in another post.

I'll also be posting more about my children-they change so much every day.

I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging again! :)